Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Begins at 22 !

Hello world!
I'm turning 22 today! Yayyyy! Very happy.
So many blessings last year. I did write them down in my thankfullness book. And I start write it again this year :). It's so happy that you find your bless being multiple when you start write it down.
Thanks Hyang Widhi for your blessing, your kindness... :')

What makes me happy today :

2. All of your wishes dear friends :')
3. I did my first fasting in 2013 today. Very proud of myself. I planned to do fasting every month :)
4. My bf just came! We had a lovely dinner!
5. Got a beautiful gift from Mbak Widya. Many thanksssssss. :')

And I'd love to write down my plans in the following year (psssttt these are also my resolution in 2013) :

1. Doing Japa Mantra every single day.
2. Fasting once a month.
3. Have a shopping account! NO MORE USELESS SHOPPING!
4. Phillately-ing.
5. Reading minimal 2 books a month.
6. Blogging regularly...WRITING!
7. Be GRATEFUL, less complaining.
8. Start my e.n.d.e.k business :)

my list can be updated!

I'd  like to say thank you for Ibu, Bapak, Deadi, my dear, and all my friends...I love you all :') Thanks for loving me, supporting me, care to me. May Hyang Widhi blesses you all.

PS : My deepest condolence for riot happened in Sumbawa. Those are criminals, not SARA issue! May God save Balinese people who actually don't know what happened, who their home were burned only because they are from Bali. I always believe Karma does exist.

Good night!

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