Saturday, January 31, 2015

Revisiting Medan

I had promised myself, when I had second opportunity visiting Medan I would never wasting it.Then I got the chance in this beginning of 2015. This time I didn't take train services from Kualanamu International Airport to Medan because we had been picked up by team (I visited Medan because of something related my work as an officer). Such my prediction, I spent about 2 hours to reach Medan from the airport because of traffic (normal time is about 45-60 minutes, and ya by train it's 45 minutes without traffic and delay).
I could see the same city as Medan that I had visited last year. City with culinary pleasures, that sure make your weigh scale move forward. And eventhough you know it would happened, you still can't refuse it. I thought It's temptation is more than having selfie with Reza Rahardian.

Couple years ago, Medan in my mind is a harsh city as reflected in the way abang-abang angkot speaks and talk, and their driving style (some I found when I was in college). I thought that Medan is a city with full of reckless drivers, and that's all. But yes, I prove myself wrong.

Now I experienced myself, Medan, city that has diversity in it's society, dominated by Suku Batak, Melayu, dan Tionghoa. I could feel I could feel the acculturation when seeing the buildings. I saw many old buildings that remind me of Kota Tua, Jakarta. And those building is still used as office buildings until now.

Because of still on duty, I didn't have much time to visit all of Medan's icon like Danau Toba or the beauty of Berastagi. Only few I did visit.

Istana Maimoon (Maimoon Palace)

was built more than 100 years (was built on 1888) by Sultan Deli ke-IX, Sultan Ma'moen Al Rasyid. this palace is one of the Indonesian heritage and cultural site, and icon of Medan at once. Maimoon Palace has beautiful architecture, acculturation of Islam Melayu, India, Italy, and Spain. The entrance ticket is surprisingly very cheap, only IDR 5.000 that would be used for maintenance and take care of that heritage. You can also rent costumes and take photo wearing it by paying IDR 10.000.

Graha Maria Annai Velangkani

I do smiling when hear it's name. Pretty, isn't it?:) .Graha Maria Annai Velangkani is a church with touch of Indian architecture. At first, I thought It was a temple. It looks like Vihara too. It has a beautiful architecture that worthed to chase by 40 minutes driving. It's located quite far from the downtown but it would be no problem because there was no traffic. My friend told me that we could see paintings when we took step on the stairs. The paintings would told us about life circle from day 1 to 7 where on the 7th day was time for us to take a break and pray to God. Oh I see, this was one of the fundamental philosophy in Catholic.

Ucok Durian

Well, frome those bunch of culinary place in Medan, would be unperfect without visiting this place. Bang Ucok, I visited this Durian house at about 10 pm and it's still crowded. Oh my diet! At first I promised myself to not tasting it even though I love Durian so much. But my determination easily gone when I smell it. Haha! For you who love Durian It looks like heaven. Although the place was just like "kaki lima" but it's crowded. I didn't understand why the people keep coming at that time (too late to have Durian as dinner). Weren't they afraid of illness that might come because of Durian?. Well normally (in the afternoon with bright blue sky) I could have one whole of those fruit by myself. Yes, I'm a lover! So I felt really excited and happy to go there. That night I only ate a little (because it's already 10 pm! I couldn't burn it all anymore, haha), the rest was took photos with Bang Ucok, the founder!

I hadn't satisfy enough because I still wanna taste more culinary in Medan. In the last night I and team tried Wajir Seafood. They said that it was the most delicious. I told myself, were there any culinary in Medan that isn't delicious?

I promise, I'll go back again to visit more places and experience more culinary. With happy tummy and happy heart I went back, Jakarta's waiting. 

Horas Medan! 

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