Thursday, October 3, 2013

Culinary Recommendation #1

1. Pizza Marzano, Kelapa Gading Mall #3

First time I try Pizza Marzano at Kelapa Gading Mall. In the beginning I was so confused and not sure about the taste. I don't really like pizza. I usually have pizza in Pizza Hut before, not impressing me enough. In that day I gave a chance to Pizza Marzano. I and my friend were curious why it's sooo crowded at lunch time. I remember my bf said that a restaurant can be so crowded because of two reasons, if it's not because of the low price, then it must be the delicious foods. Then I gave it a try. We think it should be a pizza because we're in a pizza restaurant.
We ordered a crepe pizza called Biance Pollo e Porchini. Quite difficult to remember, right? It's a crispy pizza with various toppings like chicken, portabello mushroom, mozzarella cheese, and oregano sauce/basil. How's the taste?Well, I've underestimated it. It was GOOD! From 1-8 I give it 7 point. For me who don't like pizza, it taste delicious. And so did my friend. He told me that he'll surely come again because he keep remembering the taste of the pizza.

Pizza Biance Pollo e Porchini (IDR 88k)

2. Warung Pasta, Rawamangun

The other day I tried pasta at Warung Pasta, Rawamangun in my senior's farewell party who moved to new office in Yogyakarta this month. Well actually I don't really like pasta too (haha what food I like then). I ordered Redd Bull Fetucinni Pasta, a pasta with tuna and salmon fish. Surprisingly it taste good :) I give 5.5 point which is good. It costs about IDR 20k. Warung Pasta has various menu with affordable price. When you wanna have Italian food with a good taste and affordable price, you can go there.

3. Bubur Ayam,  Jalan Tanjung Menteng

Just like most of the culinary I've tried, the crowd was attracting me. You can imagine, there were about 6 persons who served the customers in that small place. I mean, it's a "kaki lima". But I didn't taste it because I don't like Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge). It makes me wanna vomit :). But my bestfriend who tried said it was good. We give 5.5 point.

Bubur Ayam IDR 14k
The crowd

4. All you can eat Dim Sum, Sands Restaurant/Hongkong Restaurant, Mangga Dua Square

First time I ate Dim Sum I feel...desicious! From the beginning I like Siew May. First time I ordered all you can eat menu I feel...guilty. But it taste delicious so I enjoyed my lunch a lot. I ate 8 pieces, is it okay? :D It cost about IDR 70k/person for all you can eat menu. (49k for dimsum, 12k for Chinese tea, +++ tax and services). Quite affordable, right? I give 6.5 for the Dim Sum.