Sunday, July 31, 2011

Say No to Bali International Park!

Just knew that Bali International Park (BIP) will be built in Jimbaran Bali to welcome APEC 2013. I'm soooo sad hearing this. More construction, more building, more destruction...All of them can destroy Bali. The project will destroy the balance of ecosystem. Too much buiding. To much people. Too much environment 's destroyer. For APEC 2013 only??? Oh, you're kiddin' me! How do you imagine Bali for next 10 years? Becoming a slave for tourism? Please, do not think stupidly, think that only tourism that make Bali live. Don't you all believe in God? Sang Hyang Widhi, please help us, aware us. I' scared there's no more local wisdom in Balinese people heart. Only think about money, money, and money. Destroy their home, but don't realize it. I HATE the excessive tourism. I hate when people being slave for the tourism. The beauty of Bali, culture, fortune, all are God given, NOT INVESTOR given. You stupid investor, only make us suffer!!!
Me, personally, refusing the Bali International Park project! :'(

If you guys, wanna know what happened actually, follow @gendovara on Twitter or check
Maybe you can help by tweeting #TolakBIP.

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These are some tweets in Indonesian that can make you realize what will be happened if BIP project is accepted.

Pagi tweeps,jk Bali International Park (BIP) dibangun, maka overcapacity di Bali Selatan jadi 10 ribu kamar
(good morning tweeps, if BIP is built, South Bali will overcapacity 10.000 rooms)

Dg 200 kamar,maka air yg dihabiskn perhari: 200 x 3 rb m3/hari=600 rb m3/hari.Konsumsiny setara 1/2 penduduk ungasan  
(for 200 rooms, the water consumption is 200x3000m3/day = 600.000m3/day, as much as 1/2 people in  Ungasan village)

Anda tau ga, tanah HGB yg akan dibangun Bali International Park (BIP) diperuntukn u/ cottages, hotel n lap. Golf. cc.
(BIP will be built for cottages, hotel, golf course)

Belum lagi Bali International Park (BIP) akan bangun wisma presiden sbnyk 23 wisma dg luas msg2 wisma ± 22 are. Brp habis air?  
(BIP will be built also for 23 president house , 22 are each. How much the water will be spent?)

limbah Bali Intrntional Park (BIP): u/ gdg konvensi: 10.000 org x 3 m3/hr =30 rb m3/hr.setara dg limbah cair dr 500 rb wrga Dps
 (the waste of BIP for convention center : 10.000x3m3/day = 30.000m3/day, as much as waste from 500.000 Denpasar citizen)

Tanah u/ BIP pun adalah tanah yg penuh sengketa. S/d skrg diatas lahan tsbt masih ada 199 petani penggarap yg bermukim dr th 60 an  
(the land that will be used for building is full of controvesry. There are 199 farmers who still cultivate and stay there)
and many more... 

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veda said...

wah, dari awal ada kabar burung ttg proyek itu aku udah feeling bad, ternyata... thanks for the info, i do against it if there are infinite bad effects on environment!