Friday, July 22, 2011

No Smoking Anymore!

"Dear SMOKERS, Please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want to start smoking to enable you to enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself. I don't want any percentage of it nor do my friends who don't smoke. Don't kill me if you want to kill yourself .
Regards, Your Friend :)
P.S.: Copy and paste this message to your profile to support the Keep-Smoke-Away Campaign

This is a -keep smoke away- campaign I've found on my friend's status on Facebook. Do read guys! I really support the campaign as much as I hate cigarette. I hate smoke "to the max". I'm sorry for rebuking you smokers when you start smoking near me. The worst is when I'm eating. I like doing culinary at "jajanan pinggiran" when most people smoke everywhere, no smoking area, and hey! of course there will be no smoking area outside. I'm sorry but I personally think you have no manners. I'm sorry for disturbing your right, but yeah I'm disturbed.

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