Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovable Talk

Just had a late conversation with my bf. It's all about perfectionism and being responsible  to our duty. One question still in my mind, am I that perfectionist? Is it that bad being  perfectionist?
My bf said that he knew I'm a perfectionist person at the first sight. And he such a contra-perfectionist person. On his view: a perfectionist is person who can't hear anything contrast with his/her opinion. He/she believe that the truth and the best is his/her opinion. He/she can't accept any failure. It's hard for him/her to get any criticism.
Am I such a kind of that person? Oh,really?
On my view: being perfectionist isn't that bad. You just have to know the right way to apply that character. I believe, sometimes we need to be perfectionist. Scheduling, managing our life, doing and looking for the best, It does work! But we must learn. In life all the things are always be in two sides. Good and bad. We can't always be good in this life so that success. My bf believes that success and failure comes together as two sides of a coin and so do I. We agree that we could never get success if we never get a failure. How bout fail but don't wanna try anymore? "He/she who has failed will try another way, and it's imposible that he/she can't find the best way to success, the way is always there," he said. Such a great man! :D
Although I'm a perfectionist, I'll learn to make a friendship with failure so I can be friend with it's brother/sister (i can't define the sex of "success" word :3). I'll be open to many many criticisms that make me better and stronger. Oh yeaaa the whole new world, I come....

Me : So, you don't feel comfortable with any perfectionist person? You don't like them?
He : I didn'said that I don't like them. I just don't match them...
Me : Well, you are dating me. Why?
He : Such a perfectionist person. You think that If A same as B, B will same as B exactly?
Me : hmm...In math yess..
He : So?
Me : So...we different each other and you still want me.
He : Okay, we different each other. That's why we match as a couple. You are wrong if you think that a couples is only made with similarity. I prove you that our differences will make us stand stronger.
Me : speesles....


Joey said...

I think opposites attract :)

Dania Adela said...

plus and minus will always become a perfect match ;) i definitely agree :)