Thursday, April 21, 2011

For All Women

"A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she is put in hot water."
-eleanor roosevelt.
Today's "Hari Kartini".
In Indonesia, every year at this day, April 21st,  we celebrate an equality between women's and men's right. R.A. Kartini is a woman who made efforts to bring same treatments between men and women many years ago. Since that, women, have same rights, in education, job, choosing, sharing opinion, leading, and many more. I do agree with this equal treatment. But I think as a woman, it's better for me to make an actualization with keeping the nature as a woman. I don't agree with statement giving seats to women as legislative to prove that Indonesia do an equalization between women's and men's right. Give that seats because we, women, are worthy to be a leader. To have a appreciation, we have to tell the world that we, as a woman, competent in it. Not use "equality" as an excuse. Be good by doing good. Let all see that women proper to get the same rights because of our performances.
Selamat Hari Kartini for every women :))

ps: thanks for every men that understanding and appreciating us :)


Widya Ari Pranayoga said...

wogh... jangan pake bahasa inggris dong :p

gian aryanti said...

haha..makasih udah mampir kakak yoga :D

Anonymous said...

kak gian, found your new blog :)
kok pindah blog kak?

gian aryanti said...

iya dias :)butuh refreshing... :)
maksih ya udah mampir...
gimana ujiannya?

Rebecca Clairine said...

happy momma kartini day ! :D


Anonymous said...

ujiannya lancar kak, smg hasilnya bgs pula :)
selamat hari kartini kak :)